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Why A Membership?

“Gear up Texas” was launched on Facebook as an idea to bring gear to people in a manner that was fun and affordable. Over a period of time the idea became a huge success and soon there were “copy-cat” site starting to do the same mirroring its success. However we soon found out that this game of “Chance/Lottery/Raffle” (whatever you want to call it) was not complying with all the rules of this type of business, so the site was shut-down. We quickly started researching the concept and the legalities to get the site back up and running. After the lawyers final outlined the legal “do’s and don’ts” we went to work on building the site and structuring the company around the legal path to bring back “Gear up Texas”. The outcome was based on a membership format. By purchasing the monthly membership fee you will receive an account to purchase “spots”, membership gear, newsletter, reward spots and other things as the membership grows. (90 day membership required before any gear is sent out) By creating an account and paying a monthly fee you are part of a membership that will allow you to purchase a “spot” that is a chance to purchase gear at a membership final value fee. The membership final value fees so happens to equal the “spot”. Once all spots are filled the automated chance selector will randomly pick the winner. The member then will have 2 options:
 Claim the gear
 Select the cash value at 80% of retail value
The membership is a key role to the site and its legal status. The membership is value that brings you as a member the exclusive rights to participate in this once again fun, exciting affordable opportunity to purchase gear. We feel the membership will also bring only the true outdoor enthusiasts to our Gear up Texas family that are serious about getting gear at low investment price. We look forward to seeing you with our gear and sharing in your experience.
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