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Membership Rules

Must Have

  • An account and registered
  • Paypal account to make transaction between members and Gear up Texas
  • Monthly membership fee is up to date to activate log-in

Purchasing “Spots”

  • Log-in
  • View item categories you are interested in
  • Find the item you want to participate with
  • Placing a “Spot” on that item

What next?

  • Once all spots have been filled, a notice will be sent to you for the drawing time
  • Watch the random selector pick a winner (hopefully you!!!)
  • If you are the winner, select which option you want (gear or cash)
  • Gear up Texas will handle the rest


  • “Spots” are purchased for a chance to buy the item at the final membership value.
  • “Final membership value” is the cost of the item offered to members only at a great price
  • “Cash value” is 80% of the retail value and is offered to members as an option
  • “Membership” an individual that has created an account and paid the membership fee


  • Members will be contacted within 7 days after the drawing
  • Cash value option will be sent out within 30 days or can be added to your account for future uses
  • Members will need to collect items within 30 days if no shipping arrangements have been made or the member will forfeit item
  • All firearms have to be picked up at store once ATF check is verified or the firearm can be sent to a FFL of a member’s choosing
  • Items will stay open until all spots are filled. Then a notice will be sent for drawing time
  • If item is left un-filled for an extended time, Gear up Texas will assess the item and either:
  1. Go forward with drawing with the “Spots” filled as is
  2. Dis-continue the item and return the “Spots” back to members
  • All purchases of items include shipping and handling
  • Drawings are of chances based on a 3 rd party computer automated random selection process and are final. Gear up Texas has no control over selection once the drawing process is started.